About Dana


My love of animals began at a very young age, growing up with the family dog and cats and roaming free in the wilds of the West Scottish Coast, meadows and moorlands. Nature was my life, I lived and breathed everything wild and beutiful within nature always captivated by the diversity of flowers and trees and inspired by David Attenborough. And this has not changed to this day - I still have a wonder and awe of nature. I aspired to be a vet or Zoologist but my path led me on a different journey. Even at a young age, I had a curiosity and inner knowing of the esoteric, the magical and spiritual all around. And after being diagnosed with lupus at the age of 14, I embraced a path of holistic and alternaitve healing combined with my love of science and wildlife.

I have always been a highly sensitive person even at a young age and naturally I found my way in to Mediumship and developed this through Spiritualist Chruches and Psychic Development Circles. Like all credentials to do with heealing, they really do not mean anything if you do not have unconditional love and experience however, I did learn and grow in knowledge through a Mediumship Diploma and many energy healing modalities. These were all profoundly beneficial in my understanding of the spiritual and energy healing.

My passion has always been animals and I pursued Holisitc Animal Healing completing with a Distinction in 2016 and still learning so much more about healing and animals and above all else, my greatest teachers are animals and nature.

My healing path is a combination of science, magical, spiritual and shamanic - ultimately, like all of us, we are all rooted and connected deep with Great Mother Earth and the infinite heavenly cosmos. We all have the ability to heal and be the healer. And healing starts from withiin and a personal responsibility of how your actions and thoughts can be either healing or harmful.

Please note, I am not a Shaman, I do not come from a Shamanic background but my practices are very much instilled in the Shamanic ideas and rooted in spirit and earth. Many practices and ways of life such as Hedgewitches, Druids and Priestesses are similar in nature to that of Shamanism. Ever since a child, I always seemed to have had one foot in spirit and the other upon the earth, a traveller between the worlds where wisdom and healing can be found...and my journey is ever developing as I reach out and conec with spirit and nature...

I would like to extend my apologies for any typing errors throughout my website. I have an eye condition, unknown maculalr degeneration, and often i just do not see any mistakes. If you do see any, I do not mind if you point them out to me. It would be most helpful. I wrk on the website myself so can amend the mistakes quickly when pointed out

Chanting Willows is more so a way of life rather than a business and my growth and own personal healing will most certianly be reflected in the work I do here...

Holistic Animal Healing Practitioner
Animal Communicator
Reiki Teacher
Crystal Therapist
Animal Kinesiologist
Flower Psychometrist
Flower Essence Practitioner
Faery Doctor & Herbalist

Student of

Applied Equine Behaviour
Equine Welfare
Animal Anatomy & Physiology
Animal Assisted Therapy



Canines and Friends



Galloway Earth Crusaders



Trust Healing Harmony

Keys to transformaion for you and your animal companions

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