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Welcome ot Chanting Willows, a labour of absolute love, a place filled with tears, tension, fears, hope, joy, love and laughter. My name is Dana, and I established Chanting Willows in 2013 and ever since, it has reflected my own growth, development and dedication to help animals and inspire others to do the same. It is always hard to write about yourself. After all, what is truly important when portraying myself? Well, ultimatley, either who will feel connected to me and th work I do and feel comfortable and have confidnece and trust in m. Or maybe you won't. I am not here to sell myslef or to say how wonderful or lack there of, I am. I just hope that my kindness, sincerity, and keeping it real approach will offer some confidnece in the work I do at Chanting Willows.

I guess I could mention about where my love of animals and nature is derived from and that certainly begins as a child, growing up with the family dog, running wild, exploring the moors, meadows, and coast of the River Clyde. My interest in nature was found deep within me and I was inspired by Sir Davind Attenborough of both faraway exotic places and nature at the doorstep of my childhood home.So naturally I had ambitions of being a Vet and a Zoologist and this deep desire to be a Sheperdhess roaming teh upland lands and immersing in nature. Don't worry, I am not writing a life story - that may take a while! I just think that the above sums me up quite nicely. Animlas and nature have always been my life. My srength. My solace. My inspiration. My Heart and Soul. I pursued holisitc healing and energy healing both for aniamls and people at a young age, along with a path in herbalism. i became a ualified holisitc animal healing practitioner in 2013, prioer to this, I followed a path in Reiki and other energy modalities.

We all do have the ability to heal, to learn and grow and I hope to inspire and ignite that within you all, to help you recognise and unlock your own unique abilities.

I do not feel it is relevant listing any credentials I have as I feel those who need me will be guied in some way. But if you would like to know, please do not hesitate to send me an email and I would be happy to clarify. I would like to say however, that my journey here in Chanting Willows is founded on my kindness and sensitivity and a dedicated path to be of service to the earth and animals. my path in healing is deeply rooted in nature and finding balance and harmony.

Chanting Willows is more so a way of life rather than a business and my growth and own personal healing will most certianly be reflected in the work I do here...

I will alwyas continue to learn and strive to do my best to help protect animals and the earth. Living in harmony with nautrre is of most importance on my journey in Chanting Willows and an integral part of connecting with animals, finding your own innate healing and intuitive abilities.my knowwledge and understanding of animals ever grows, simply by watching behaviour and connecting, from my own experiences and studies in animal anatomy and physiology. Creator of Starfire Equine Connection which works on a very deep soulful connection, focusing on balance of self and recognising the horses individual life path and building trust through healing and connction to the Great Mother.

Please also find me at

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Spirit of Wild Horse Art

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Trust Healing Harmony

Keys to transformaion for you and your animal companions

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