Animal Communication

Animal Communication is when you psychically or intuitively communicate with animals and it is not restricted by time, distance and can travel between worlds and with practice being mindful and meditative, can reach out to all animals and plants too. We all have this ability - it is not unique to the gifted. I hope with my own work with animals that I am able to inspire others to believe in this wonderful form of communication between our fellow animal friends. The communication I do s founded on unconditional love, m development in psychic work and mediumship, my high sensitivity and deep love for all animals.

Some ways in which my animal communication can help

To help understand why an animal may not be feeling well or is upset To reveal past experiences which have caused trauma and therefore helping with healing To help find missing animals To help understand why an animal is aggressive or reactive and ways you can help by implementing changes Help to understand separation anxiety, fear To help comfort an animal during difficult times, surgery and when they are beginning to pass over

Please note, I will always be there for an animal in need even if finances are of a problem and prices will change when it is prolonged sessions and when helping a terminally ill animal.


Reaching out to the Spirit World to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over.

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