Crystal Therapy

Crystal Healing Sessions

Much of my healing work involves the use and connection of crystals to aid in healing for emotional, physical, psychoogical and spiritual afflictions. They are profoudly powerful in balancing the whole body, ind and spirit. Sessions will include the following:

I am however aware that the mining of crystals in vast amounts is extremely destructinve to Mother Earth and I do have huge concerns for the industry. i like to purchase locl stones found and also find my own. I have admittedly gathered many crystals which no doubt have not been ethical or ecoogical but I still use these stones and treasure them. Indeed, the use of crystals has been a practice used in many ancient cultures but in todays world and with the state of the planet, it is no longer a blessing.However, from my own experiences, the healing properties and minerals found in individual crystams which vibrate at unique levels is profoudnly beneficial. But it is also profoudnly beneficial for hte healt hand well-being of the planet as a whole. So my work with crystals is hugey appreciated and valued giving my thanks to Mother Earth.

Crystal Essences

Crystal Healing Grids

Crystal Reiki

Ethereal Crystals

Crystal Layouts

Crystal Pendulum Dowsing

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