Starfire Equine Connection

Too often, horse training methods are used to solve behavioural probelms and to "fix" horses who are said to be "bad". And often these methods are quick and a fix all method attitude. Horses go through such trauma whether emotional or physical and these can be long standing which cause deep rooted anxiety, fear and aggression. At Chanting Willows, the healing process takes as long as is required, as long as the horse needs. There are no quick fixes. Instead, the approach is to empower the horse, to raise their spirits and heal deep rooted pain from traumamtic past experiences. During healing sessions, the horse will never be tied on or confined to a stall. Freedom to choose ~ freedom to trust in their own time ~ freedom to express their natural behaviour and instincts ~ freedom to express individuality, creativity and spirit.

Along with the various healing modalities I use for al aniamls, healing for horses also includes the following.

Details will be coming soon about Stafire Equine Connection.

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