Flower Psychometry

Flower Psychometery is the art of connecting with and reading flowers to help provide guidance, messags, wisdom and healing.At Chanting Willows i offer a number of sessions linked to the beautiful magic of flowers and provide this for you and your animal companions. I use both flower cards and flowers themselves along with our natural treasures to help provide insight to areas which are in need of healing. Sessions can vary from a simple essence preparation after connecting and communicating wit hyour animal companion, to single card readings, indepth card readings or in person flower readings and healing treatments. I use Bach Flower Remedies along wiht my own Chanting Willows Flower Remedies which are prepared organically as possible with the use of oraganic raw cider vinegar, purified rain water or spring water and enchanted with love, blesings, crystal, moon and sun energies.Flower Essences are extremely safe and non-invasive, wonderful for any additional treatment you may be under going. They work on an emotional, spiritual leevel helpng to bring the body, mind nand spirit back in to harmony. Unlike herbal medicine, essences do ot contain the chemical component of the flower instead the vibratory signature of that unique flower is transfered in to water melecules. More Information coming soon...

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