Animal Healing Sessions

The animal healing work I do involves truly listening to the animal and looking at the relationship the animal has with his/her guardian and other members within the family both four legged and two legged. By taking time for the animal to open up to me and trust me and allowing the animal to begin to heal in his/her own time and at own level is very important to the animal's own well-being and their healing process, especially those which are caused from emotional trauma. All animal's have free will and my healing is always done with deepest respect, by truly listening and understanding and most importantly with unconditional love and the desire to help for the highest good. Healing work involves communication, variety of hands-on healing including Reiki, other Energy Modalities, the use of Singing Bowls, Spiritual, Unicorn and Angel light healing, my Lightworker practice, also reading and clearing of the aura often known as psychic surgery. I work closely on a daily basis with Celestial, Elemental and Higher Energies and Spirits of Nature to embrace a healing path and assist in my work with animals. You can learn a little more about Reiki here.

The work I do is to a high ethical standard and complies with the UK Veterinary Animal Act.

A Little Note

Although I am not an animal behaviourist, with the work I do, I can help animals which have supposedly behavioural problems. Many people give up on their animal companions because they do not truly listen or understand the needs of the individual animal and also that past experiences or current situations in the home can cause disruption in how the animal behaves. Working on an holistic level, communicating intuitively with the animal and working on creating harmony for all that is concerned will forge a very happy path. Please get in touch if you have concerns about your animal.

How My Healing Can Help

First and foremost, to prevent ill health During times of stress such as moving home, being kept in a kennel and many more For times of grief which could be the death of a person or animal friend or when the guardian has to leave or rehome the animal For behaviourhl problems most often caused by abuse or other trauma in the past Health issues For terminally ill,and being there right up to the end Travel problems For fear, anxiety and aggression For all emotional concerns Compliments veterinary care And more...

Please note, healing is not miracle work nor is it a replacement for veterinary care.Above all else, it is up to the animal how they heal and also the guardians to implement positive changes for the animal;s well-being.

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