Guiding Lost Animals Home

This is a free service I would like to offer so that I may even help just a little bit in helping find lost animals back to their home. sometimes it may be successful, other times, it may not. It will depend on how welll the animal will communicate and whether I am open to their communication. Whether you are an owner (Guardian) or a lost animal scheme, please do not hesitate in geting in touch. I will do all I can to help.

I will reach out as often as I can to the animal whom is lostand pass on any messages that they may be giving me which could be clues to theire whereabouts and where they may nave been. Animals do not speak our language so will often use symbolism and images which you must try and interpretate. Sometimes the comunication is much clearer but please know that what I offer is not always successful and sometimes it may be that i have to relay bad news. I will only be passing on communications as they are so please be aware. I live by honesty and truth and do not frill things up. All that matters is that I do my best to guide lost animals home and pass on communicationsexacrly as they have been adressed to me.

Candles will be lit and prayers will be said.

May the Faery Stars Light The Way Home for Animals
That Find Themselves Lost

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