Healing Power of Plants



Aromatherapy is a wonderful complimentary therapy which helps to bring harmony, balance and healing to your animals on a physicall, mental, emotional and spiritual level. the work I do with oils incorporates both self selection from the animal and my own preparations for specific treatments such as salves and shampoos specific for the needs of the individual animal. It is important to understand the value and also strength of essential oils which can easily cause damage to your aniaml on a physical level. With communication this helps me to understand iff the animal is selecting an oil or hydrosol which is in fact for their highest well-being. Like us, animals can easily get addicted to a smll as it may cause such an uplifitng feeling or may cause them to become to floaty and distracted. With my reespect for essential ils and hydrosols, it truly is a wonderful aid in brinign well-being to animals. Aromatherpay is only available for Equines and Dogs and hydroosls will only be used for the healing of cats.

flower therapy and essences

With a connection to the Nature Spirits, Flower Devas and the Elementals, I offer to you and your animal companion healing and balance with the use of flowers on both a physical and spiritual level. Providing readings, flower therapy and flower essence administration including the Bach Flower Remedies and my own preparations.

My understanding of canine, equine, feline and rabbit (Leporidae family) behaviour along with experience and my sensitivty to all aniamls allows me to connect, understand and identify what essences are most beneficial for the animal in order to bring balance on an emotionl, spiritual, mental and physical level.

aAbout Chanting Willows Flower & Tree Vibrational Remedies

About Bach Flower Essece Administration

Flower Psychometry Readings

herbal medicine

Herbalism is something I have always been passionate about ever since a young age and I currently still pursuing this on a practitioner level and my path will never end. I am currently studying Canine Herbalism and Advanced Western Herbalisma along wiht my own study and development by connecting wiht nature and with bioregional journeys to continue to enhance my knowledge and wisdom. Animals who are rescued and are part of Chanting Willows benefit from the healing power of herbs but I do not offer and am not able to offer herbalism as a service as of yet.

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