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Inviting you to return home to nature, to walk a path to vitality through the transformational healing gifts of flowers, herbs and crystals. Fae of the Wild Herbcraft is a place to help you rekindle that connection to the earth where healing can begin. Allow your heart to find that connection, and a healing, like no other, will follow, though it may not always be an easy journey. Allow the plants to assist you in all that ails you; of the heart, mind or body, offering guidance, and their unique essence, and energetic architecture that so beautifully unfolds in wondrous patterns of nature, and that nature also is intrinsicially of you. The method of training in herbalism I follow is one of transformational Soul work, aligning to planetary and elemental influences which plants, and every living being, is connected so profoudnly to. My practices are of the Evolutioanry herbalism path, with the Vitalism aproach and the Alchemical Western Tradition. Though it is a lifelong journy for myself, one of such humility, and I will coninue o be in awe nd wonder, and learn of the true depths of herbalismmore and more.

At Fae of the Wild Herbcraft I strive to make my own medicines, feeling it is a sacred practice, one which I honour and bless. My medicines are either grown organically in my own garden, wild crafted from my own lands, wild crafted from other wild and healthy lands, or alternatively purchased from the finest and organic suppliers. My journey is one of the sacred creation of spagyric essences and tinctures Please note, these are different from general tinctures and vibrational essences, which I also create.

Proving a safe space for you to begin your own healing journey through herbalism consultations with a vitalist approach, but also offfering a community to discover the array of wisdom to be found within nature. At Fae f the wild Herbcraft, I want to open up the gift of plants to everyne, to help us all return to the natural cycles of living in harmony, and connect with plants in a heart centered way, which in itself, can help nourish our very being, of body, mind and spirit.

I also offer Flower Psychometry Readings and Therapy, which involves the insights, wisdom, and unique patterns, and vvibrational essences of flowers that can assist and guide in all areas of your life, your path, relationships, healing, career, emotional, and spiritual matterrs, and much more. You will learn about the different options available in the readings section. Through these sessions, a unique vibrational flower essence will be prepared for you. These act in helping to balance on an emotional level, providing a foundation for a path of harmony and vitality.

I also offer a vibrational flower essence consultation, where an appointment is made in person and we discuss your concerns, and I provide questions for you so I can identify which flowers are most suitable and specific for your personal need.

My practice in herbalsm is not one merely of a three year long study course. It has been a lifes calling. You could say that my plant path began as a young girl, connecting with nature, identifying plants, running wild in nature, and being a student of nature. My own health challenges as a young teenage, age 14r brought me further into herbs for healing, and my studies began when I was 18, back in 2002. My journey has been filled with many challnges, and disappointments, and moments of self-doubt, and feelings of failure. It has been one truly of self discovery and personal healing, learning also from experience and building many case studies from family and friends. My own health concerns truly have allowed me to have a profound understanding of holistic herbalism and so much empathy for others. My journey in the plant path is ever growing, continually learning, and forever a student of nature. It is one of humility and honour to be in service of plants. Like many who follow the call of the plant path, the call to be in service as a herbalist, I do not lack my own struggles, I have dealt with trauma, and with this, it has allowed me to truly understand the true depths of plant medicine.

About Vibrational Essencess

Details soon.

About Spagyrics

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Transsformational Healing

Flower Psychometry Readings

Being a bridge between you and the Devic Kingdowm, the wondrous energies of flowers. We all know the profound power flowers have, simply gifting them to someone as a sign of devotion, love, kindness, healing, and condolences. Simply being in the presence of flowers truly holds a magic and deep connection to nature, often stirring up wonderful memories, among so many other things. But there is much more to flowers than their beauty and scent. They each hold unique patterns of language, known as the doctrine of emanatios, the doctrine of signatures, and the doctrine of correspondences. Like all living beings, they hold, what I was taught, their own unique Light of Nature. In my practice, I honour this Light of Nature, and also percieve the flower/plant holding their own unique soul, and spirit, the Deva of the flower. Although each flower vibrates at their unique signatures, they also hold thier own individual mesage linking to where it grows, how well it grows, and so much more. For example, if two people chose a daffodil, and this was not the same flower, they would have different messages, depending if someone chose a daffodil which was on its own, or if it was not yet fully bloomed. This is just a little example. Every living being, even minerals, is of source, we all come from source. Possessng the Light of Nature.The first spark. Whichever way you choose to call it, in whatever belief or religion. We are a microcosm of this. Even the celestial bodies in the sky, which emanate thier own signatures, are a macrocosm of our own very being. We are simply put, of nature. In flower psychometry readings, the flowers you choose or I select through cards or meditation, are a refletion of patterns in your being that need harmonising, offering insights, guidance and wisdom.

Flower Psychometry readings can be performed distantly, where I connect energetically and intuitively with you, and with either the use of pendulum dowsing, flower cards, or being guided to flowers in my garden, or flowers presenting themselvves to me via meditation, I then read these for you, offfering an insightful, detailed report which is sent to you via email.

Alternatively, you can also book the readings as residential, where I guide you on the journey in my own garden and land, and you select the flowers you are drawn to. We then discuss what these mean for you, and I will also write out a full report which I will email to you later.

View all readings available and book below.

Visions from Nature Readings

Journey into the wonder and magic of animals and plants, be gifted insights and guidance, and learn how intrinsically connected we are to all of nature, through my oracle deck, Visions from Nature.

Immersing in Flowers Journey

A 12 month journey immersing yourself in flowers where you will receive flower psychometry readings, meditations, Vision from Nature readings, Affirmations, and essences, along with a channeelled art for you, each month. Select your specific yearly journey. This open every January only available for 7 people, and your offeirngs begin on March, for 12 months.

  • Journey 1 Each month a flower reading, meditation, affirmation, Visions from Nature reading
  • Journey 2 Each month a flower reading, meditation, affirmation, Visions from Nature reading, flower essence
  • Journey 3 Each month a flower reading, meditation, affirmation, Visions from Nature reading, flower essence, channelled flower art

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    Herbal Consults

    Your Healing Journey

    Clinical Herbal Consultations

    Are you looking to begin on your own healing journey, and find yourself turning to a more holistic aapproach? Even taking the first steps to discovering a path towards true vitslity, is profound and plants are waiting to gift you their unique healing, to allow you to begin to transform, on all levels. Because I work in a Vitalist approach, it means, I look to all areas of the being, to help guide you to a more balanced state. Consultations are your own unique experiences, your onwn personal journey, and the healing space to oepn up conversation is equally as important as the herbs themselves. A session may last up to two hours, allowing all the time needed. I can guide you through an indepth evaluation to ensure the best possible plan and herbs are offered. We will also work with your natal chart through Medical Astrology to provide furhter depth and understanding. i am a fully insured Clinical Herbalist of the Vitalist and Western Alchemical Tradition.

    Consutations available as home visits, at Chanting Willows, or via zoom.

    Flower and Crystal Essence Consultations

    Offering one to one sessions with you, where we discuss all manners of your well-being, helping guiding you to express all that is diharmonious thrugh a client evalutation, in a non-judgemental, confidential practice, through trust, healing and harmony. The essences will oftten work on a spiritual level, working with stress, helping to adjust a certain mindset, opening awareness of self and outside of self, and providing healing at an emotional level. I work with Bach Flower Remedies, Harebell Remedies created locally and I feel it my responsibiliy to recognise these remedie and value the beauty and wondrous work of the creator. I also create my own called Fae of the Wild Flower Remedies through my own connection, and studies in flower psychometry and astrological herbalism. Often, a new flower may present themselves to me during a consultation, a specific remedy for you at that time. I also often incorporate crystal, and other vibrational essences encompassing the whole plant or tree, into your therapy bottle

    After our session, I will take time reflecting on all we discussed,and ensure I offer you the best remedies for you, and I will prepare and drop off or post to you. I may be able to do home visits.

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    Fae of the Wild Community

    Buildng Community through Plants

    Fae of the Wild Plant Circle

    Prroviding a place for the local community to develop and nurute their love of plants, to rekindle a connection to nature, to learn from one another, to find healing through community and plants. Meeting once a month to go on plant medicine walks, to commune with the spirit of the plants to learn of their wisdom gifted to you and sharing with one another, and to allow creativity to flow through the creation of plant illustrations.

    A place of well-being of the body and mind through community connection and plants.

    At Chanting Willows, Ringford, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway
    To be confirmed
    A donation would be very muc appreciated.


    Detail will be coming soon.

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    Fae of the Wild Apothecary

    Handcrafted & Blessed

    Nourishment from the Earth

    Welcome to The Fae of the Wild Apothecary. At Chanting Willows, I strive to make everything homemade and handcrafted, grown in our garden or foraged in the wild of our land or in various wild places. Or alternatively, ethical, environmental, and organic products are purchased in the creation of any apothecary blends. In the apothecary you may find me making healing herbals, crystal and flower essences, cleaning products and so much more. More details on The Fae of the Wild Apothecary coming soon.

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