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Animal Healing

Enriching the lives of animals and their guardians

Welcome fellow animal guardians to Chanting Willows. If you have found yourself here, it may be that you are searching for an alternative way to help your animal, or looking for an holistic approach to enrich the life of your animal or to find a deeper connection and understanding of the wondrous healing offered straight from this beautiful earth. At Chanting Willows, it is my purpose to help facilitate your own journey in deepening your connection to your animal along with helping to support your animal to a journey of full vitality. I primarily connect with dogs, horses, rabbits and cats, but will help to facilitate a path to harmony for all animals. My heart and soul embraces the plant and animal path, and a deep connection to nature, all of which are intrinsically connected, and I hope Chanting Willows can be a bridge to help you find that connection within yourself.

The core of my healing work is founded upon the freedom of choice of the animal, and allowing for as much time needed for the animal, to trust, to acknowledge, and to finally heal. I work closely with trauma animals, and any animal who needs that guiding light to aid them to healing and vitality, no matter how small or severe the health concern. Above all else, Chanting Willows works alongside vets.

I am based outside of Ringford, in Dumfries and Galloway where I live with my partner, and a herd of horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, chickens, and multiple wild animals who find sanctuary within our lands. Along with tending to the land, working on rewilding and growing foods and herbs, I run a small scale horse rescue.

I offer in person, and distant healing sessions, and I want to express my deepest understanding of when it comes to the cae and love for our animal friends, and never will I judge. We all make mistakes, we all endeavour to do the best we can, sometimes, that may not have worked out so well. I myself have made countles mistakes in my life, but we can ever grow and learn. Please, do not hesitate to reach out.

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Herbal Consults

Transsformational Healing

The Power of Plant Medicine

We live in a world where our animals are often so far removed from nature, from their natural instincts and connection to the land they once roamed freely. And with this drastic change, animals are facing more and more health difficulties. It is not so easy now to provide such a lifestyle for our beloved animals to allow for complete harmony and vitality, but we can do our best, and by incorporating botanicals and exploring foraege walks, can certainly instill healing, and build a deeper connection with your animal companion. I offer herbal choice consultss for horses and dogs working with essential oils, dried and fresh herbs, and powders.

My path with plants includes working with the energetics, the language of flowers, and the essence or spirit of the plant. Plants have such a profound ability to heal not only the body, but also the mind, emotions, spirit, and emotional heart, and I work alongside plants to help animals heal from trauma. I not only work with plants in Zoopharmacogmosy, but also by offering flower readings, and flower and vibrational essences consultations. I am continually furthering my knowledge and wisdom, but above all, learning from nature and the plants themselves. Each of my practices in plant medicne holds equal value, helping to bridge that connection to nature, and help your animal to vitality.

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Healing & Communication

Balancing Body, Mind, and Soul

Energy Healing & Communication

Offering Reiki, Intuitive Healing, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Communication, and Sound Healing.n. Energy healing can be such a profound way to bring peace, and harmony to your animal, offering comfort, releasing anxiety, and helping them to navigate deep rooted trauma. Reiki, and Sound Healing can not only help with relaxation, but have also been proven to aid the immune system, and ease pain, and so much more.The energy healing and communication I offer is wonderful in complementing herbal consultations, and veterinary treatment. I offer my healing to all animals, including concerns with fear aggression, and any other behavioural concerns because the animal has been misunderstood and not listened to.


Reiki energy healing available as distant, residential or home visits. Reiki is a wonderful addition to any healing offered, including any vetrinary care, helping to release stress, balance emotional and auric bodies, clear toxins from the body, boost the immune system, and so much more. It does not interfere with any other healing modality or vet treatment. Reiki can help open up healing pathways, especially for trauam animals, helps relieve anxiety and stress which can easily cause physical imbalances in the body. There are options to book a basic Reiki session which includes reading of the aura and balancing the body, mind and spirit, or a fuller session which includes a single flower reading, and an essence treatment bottle. There are no consult evaluation needed prior to a session.

Sound Healing

Sound healing truly is a wondrous energy healing modality and animals are far more responsive to its healing than people are. Allowing vibrational frequencies to help bring balance to your animal with the use of tuning forks, singing bowls, singing pyramids, and the drum. Will often be accompanied with crystals, affirmations which the owner can work with, and singing. Drumming can also include a journey. Drumming journeys can be as an individual session. Sound healing is an ancient practice and science has also proven its validation in healing the body, mind and spirit. Sound healing sessions can help with trauma animals, allowing for emotional release, can help with easing pain, help immune system, circulation and so much more. I use smaller Tibetan singign bowls and also quartz crystal signing bowls. Sound Baths available for multiple animals, such as a herd in a paddock.

Intuitive Communication Sessions

Reaching out telepathically to your animal, with heart and soul connection, which can often help in providing insight in to any areas of your animal's well-being, can help navigate them through trauma, discover any past experiences, and whatever the animal freely chooses to share to support their own joureny.

Distant Sessions Residential Home Visits

Journey with Horses

Empowering Horses

Starfire Equine Connection is a profound and deep soul led way of connecting with horses, where both human and equine can find healing and empowerment. I offer an online and residential course, and individual one to one sessions to help build connections and harmony between people and their horses. Helping people to develop healing, communication and connections with horses, especially those with deep trauma. Equine Interactions also available working with the wisdom of my herd of horses, and the Starfire Equine Connection concepts which can your provide you with valuable tools in life.

Nurturing Your Healing Through Equine Connection

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