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About Dana

With her Siberian Husky cross German Shepherd, Storm


I set up Chanting Willows back in 2013, and since then much has changed and evolved as my journey continued with many twists and turns, growing, and developing in my practices and personal growth. Animals, plants, and nature has ever been an integral part of my life, ever since a child. My life in fact fully encompassed nature, whether immersing myself in the outdoors, learning of and connecting with plants and animals, or spending hours expressing my love of nature in art or writings. To this day, this all remains the same. I found myself not only drawn to the scientific wonder of nature but also the magical wonder of nature. And so it is, my path and way of life truly is one of magic and wonder and of the gifts nature provides us for healing, if only we returned to a deeper connection to the lands around us.

My journey has been one of struggles regarding health at a very young age and naturally I found solace, nourishment and healing from nature and animals. I was innately drawn to herbal wisdom, and, began my journey with the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine. back in 2002.

I embarked on energy healing modalities, beginning my journey with reiki back in 2000 completing MasterTeacher Level in 2004, along with Soung Healing, and practiced and studied Mediumship, attending psychic development circles, and completing certification. I became a Holistic Anima Healing Practitioner and Intuitive Animal Communicator in 2013, having such a heart connection and sensitivity for animals. I incorporate flower therapy into my practices combining my love of both animals and plants, being a qualified flower psychometrist and flower and vibrational essence practitioner. Ultimately, my journey and practices are rooted in the connection of nature around me, continually learning from them and immersing myself in the outdoors.

My herbalism journey ever continues, studying with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism with Sajah Pophan, since 2019 and being a part of their amazing community, along with training in animal herbalism. Ultimately, I will never stop learning from the animals and plants. I have a certificate in Alchemical Herbalism of the Western Tradition of Medical Astrolgy and Alchemy, ever learnging and geowing with this path, and certifified Clinical Vitalist Herbal practitioner. I am also an Eqquine and Canine Herbalsit in Zoopharmacogmosy.

I live in the South West of Scotland where I strive to live in harmony with nature, and live a simple life in stewardship o the earth, being a caretaker of the pocket of land that my partner and I “own”, ensuring the health and safety of all flora and fauna. We have 6 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats,3 rabbits and 8 chickens, and many resident wild animals, including red squirrels, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, deer and rabbits, ravens, red kites and buzzards, to name a few, all sacred and a part of the Chanting Willows family.

Clinical Herbalist
Animal Communicator
Holistic Animal Healing Practitioner
including Bach Flower Remedies and Crystal Healing
Equine & Canine Herbalist: Zoopharmacogmosy practitioner
Canine Phytoembryonic Therapy
Equine Facilitated Learnr with Athena Herd
Flower Psychometrist
Reiki Master Teacher
Certified Sound Healer

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