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The Apothecary

Intelligence of Nature

Welcome to my apothecary, providing hand crafted herbal blends to aid in your animal's well-being. My creations and herbals are founded upon a deep love and respect for the natural world, most ingredientts are either responsibiliby wild crafted or grown, and organic as much as possible. Enhanced with love, blessings and a little touch of magic. It is only a small scale apothecary, often with limited stocks as they are all hand made, and influenced by season and weather

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  • Chanting Willows Animal Materia Medica

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    Herbal Consultations

    Bridge to Nature and Harmony

    Offering The Wild Choice with my practice in Zoopharmacogmosy, helping to assist your animal through herbalism based on the practice of the complete free will of the animal and their innate ability to self select botanicalls. With my training as a clinical vitalist herbalist, it gives me great joy to share my knowledge and help support you and your animals as an Innate Botanicals Selection Practitioner. My own personal path in animal herbalism looks closely at the energetics and individual consstitution and soul. An individual course of plan will be offered for you after the session, before another session takes place. I work closely with dogs and horses, especcially those with deep trauma issues. By journeying with me in The Wild Choice, you will learn thow we truly let the animal lead the way, trusting in their natural ability and giving them the opportunity to tap into their state to find baalnce and harmony by alingning with nature. Consultlations with me go much farhter than a session with herbs, it can help build connection with your animal, help you to connect with nature yourself, learn about the abundanc of herbs in your local area, and so much more.

    The Benefits

  • Bring enrichment to you and your animal.
  • Deepens your relationship
  • Builds trust and confidencce
  • For fear and anxiety.
  • Harmony and vitality
  • Can help with chronic conditions.
  • For nourishment.
  • For deep rooted trauma.
  • Learn of the interconnectednes between animals, plants and people.
  • And so much more..
  • The Prevention Pathway Protocol

    Herbal consultations do not have to be offerred when your animal is alread diagnosed or poorly, or showing signs of health issues, the best we can do is always focus on prevention. Herbal consults can offer support and sustain well-being and balance, can work through any emotional imbalances before any physical concerns arise, and may also highlight any potntial weaknesses. Often we easily miss the smallest of signs, which unchecked could possibly lead to health concerns later on in the future. It is important to understand the intelligent response of the body, and act upon this vital responses through herbal support which may restore balance and harmony.

    The Enrichment and Nourishment Pathway

    With no agenda other than enriching the relationship between you and your animal, or enriching their lives with allowing them to lead the way, building confidence, and helping them to act upoon their innate natural behaviour, which in turn is important for nmunication, along with providing fun and creativity.

    The Deep Trauma Pathway

    Connecting with horses and dogs who have deep rooted trauma, helping with emotional release, and so much more. Herbs can be so powerful at healing at such a dep emotional and soul level.

    The Process of a Consultation

    An initial appointment will be madde for me to meet you and your animal and we go through an indepth case study to help provide me with a vitalsit and holistic view of your animal. Basically, we will just have a lovely connection and chat about your wonderful animal companion. Then an appppointment will be made for the botanical session and in the meantime, I go throgh the whole case notes and set a general plan of what herbs, essential oils, essences or hydrosols will best aid your animal, but ultimately, the day of the session will always be lead by the animal. During our first meeting, we can discuss more about what Innate Botanical Sessions are and what you can expect. Follow up sessions are always adivsed, from 10 days after each session. It is hard to say how long a session will last, it will depend on the animal, whether they choose a path of deep healing or are just not quite ready to go so deeep, which can often be the case for animals who have been through so much trauma, and we will simply take our time, offering the animal exactly what they need at that very moment, and be there waiting, for when they have that confidence, trust and courage for deeper healing. Sometmes, the animal decides that what is needed the most maybe happened that morning which was completely trivial. Above all else, we must give the animal the freedom and choice, and with that, we instill deeper, trusting relationships. With that said, sessions can last uo to 1 to 2 hours, sometiems more. I am willing to take as long as it needs.

    Pleas book a consultation below, I do ask that a deposit is at least made for our initial meet, and the remainining fee can be made just before or on the day of the session. Alternativel, you can pay in full before our initial meet.


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    Forage Walks

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    Flower Readings

    Holding Spae for Your Animal

    Being a bridge between your animal and the Devic Kingdowm, the wondrous energies of flowers. We all know the profound power flowers have, simply gifting them to someone as a sign of devotion, love, kindness, healing, and condolences. Simply being in the presence of flowers truly holds a magic and deep connection to nature, often stirring up wonderful memories, among so many other things. But there is much more to flowers than their beauty and scent. They each hold unique patterns of language, known as the doctrine of emanatios, the doctrine of signatures, and the doctrine of correspondences. Like all living beings, they hold, what I was taught, their own unique Light of Nature. In my practice, I honour this Light of Nature, and also percieve the flower/plant holding their own unique soul, and spirit, the Deva of the flower. Although each flower vibrates at their unique signatures, they also hold their own individual message each possessing a unique spirit, and also, linking to where it grows, how well it grows, and so much more. For example, if two people chose a daffodil, and this was not the same flower, they would have different messages, depending if someone chose a daffodil which was on its own, or if it was not yet fully bloomed. This is just a little example. Every living being, even minerals, is of source, we all come from source. Possessng the Light of Nature. The first spark. Whichever way you choose to call it, in whatever belief or religion. We are a microcosm of this. Even the celestial bodies in the sky, which emanate their own signatures, are a macrocosm of our own very being. We are simply put, of nature. In flower psychometry readings, the flowers you choose or I select through cards or meditation, are a refletion of patterns in your being that need harmonising, offering insights, guidance and wisdom.
    Flower Psychometry readings can be performed distantly, where I connect energetically and intuitively with your animal, and with either the use of pendulum dowsing, flower cards, or being guided to flowers in my garden, or flowers presenting themselvves to me via meditation, I then read these for you, offfering an insightful, detailed report which is sent to you via email.

    Alternatively, you can also book the readings as residential, where I guide you and your animal on the journey in my own garden and land, and you select the flowers you are drawn to through your own connection to your animal. We then discuss what these mean for you, and I will also write out a full report which I will email to you later.

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    Flower Essences Consultations

    The Spirit Devas of Flowers

    Offering one to one flower and vibrational essence consultations for your animal, where we will take our time going through a case form and discussing all areas of concerns about your animal, from emotional to physical well-being. There is no need to worry, the in-depth evaluation of your animal will be guided by me and only to ensure we cover everything, looking at a truly holistic approach so we can allow for a path to vitality. This will always be in a non-judgemental, confidential practice, through trust, healing, and harmony. The essences will often work on a spiritual level, working with areas of stress, helping to find balance, and providing healing at an emotional level. I work with Bach Flower Remedies, Harebell Remedies created locally, and I feel it my responsibility to recognise these remedies and value the beauty and wondrous work of the creator and founder. I also create my own called Fae of the Wild Flower Remedies through my own connection, and studies in flower psychometry and astrological herbalism. Often, a new flower may present themselves to me during a consultation, a specific remedy for your animal at that time. I also often incorporate crystal, and other vibrational essences encompassing the whole plant or tree, into your animal’s therapy bottle. My approach is very much in the belief of connecting with plants that are bio regional and reflect your own animal.

    After our session, I will take time reflecting on all we discussed, and ensure I offer your animal the best remedies, and I will prepare and drop off or post the flower essence treatment bottle with instructions. Home visits and on-site consultation available. Flower essences work at such a subtle level and are extreemly safe and do not affect or interfere with any other healing modaility, including veterinary medicine, because essecnes only contain the vibrational pattern of the plant, not the plant metrial itself. They do not contain any bio-chemical parts of the plant and therefore do not wokr on the biological chemistry of the body. Flower essences are a most wonderful additional to any form of healing or veterinary treatment.

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